Succulent Nails - Lead
Credit: arozona/Instagram

We've seen a lot of wacky manicures lately. There were fur nails, scorpion nails, bubble nails and pom pom nails. And who could ever forget polish mountain? Instagram user @Arozona—an Aussie by the name of Roz Borg who creates beautiful terrariums—crafted something we haven't seen before, though: succulent nails. And we're not just talking about painted succulents, but actual living, breathing plants adhered to her finger nails.

I know what you're thinking. How?! It's not as complicated as it seems, though. To create the look, she told Huffington Post that she adheres baby succulents onto fake nails with a floral adhesive glue. From there, she pops the faux nails onto her own and wears them whenever she wants.

Once the glue loses its stickiness, she gently removes the baby succulents and plants them. They're admittedly not practical to wear, but if you want a temporary show stopper, this would certainly earn you plenty of ogles and compliments!

And seriously, I think we can all agree that there hasn't been a more fitting visual interpretation of "green thumb."