Is anyone else bothered by this? Okay, good.
Study Says Women Who Wear Makeup Get Paid More Than Those Who Don’t
Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images

There have been many studies done to learn just how far being attractive can get you in this world, but new research called Gender and the returns to attractiveness by Jaclyn S. Wong and Andrew M. Penner asserts that it’s not just being attractive that gets one paid more, it’s how much time they spend on their looks as well.

The sociologists learned that attractive people typically get paid 20 percent more in the workplace than their peers who are considered of average looks. Wong and Penner delves deeper in to what it actually means to be attractive, and they found that it has more to do with grooming habits than natural beauty. Hmph.

If that doesn’t annoy you, get a load of this: Grooming was only a fifty percent factor in what is considered to make men attractive.

As someone who’s a bit of a beauty product hoarder, I’m all about makeup, a great blowout, and an amazing outfit, but I certainly don’t think that should factor in to how much one gets paid or advances in the workplace. Can’t we just get paid on merit instead of our beauty regimens? Hopefully one day we’ll be so lucky.