This Celeb-Loved Eye Makeup Trend Is Going Viral — and It's Super Easy to Recreate

All it takes is four steps.

After nearly two years of staying indoors, lots of mask-wearing, and allowing our beauty piles to collect dust, we're ready to wear makeup again. And thanks to the rise of COVID-19 vaccinations, the world has slowly began to open up to what we remembered, allowing us to play with our old eyeliners, eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks — all of the lipsticks.

This collective interest in makeup has paved the way for the coolest trends, including graphic eyeliner shapes, bright lipstick, and statement eyeshadow looks.

One such trend is stardust eyeshadow, which offers a sophisticated approach to shimmer — and celebrities, like Gigi Hadid, are obsessed. Let's not get things twisted though, it isn't overly sparkly or glittery, but rather it's all about applying subtle shimmers to enhance your overall finish.

While this look certainly makes a statement, the good new is that whether you're going on a casual dinner date or a glam holiday party, stardust eyeshadow is perfect for any occasion. And the best part is it's easy to create and customizable — all you have to do to get the look is follow these four steps.

Step One: Apply a Neutral Base to Your Eyes.

Melissa Hurkman, a celebrity makeup artist, says to create a neutral base on your lids to get the most color payoff.

"Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer that is a neutral color or transparent all over the eyelid," she says. "Then, over top of your lids, apply the thinnest layer of foundation to make your skin and eyes cohesive in tone."

You can also do this by applying concealer all over your eyelids and setting it with neutral eyeshadow, says Cara Lovello, a celebrity makeup artist.

Step Two: Apply a Matte Shadow.

Here's where you can start to customize the look to your liking. You can go with a vibrant or neutral base color, depending on your makeup mood. Whatever you choose, the color must have a matte finish, so the shimmer applied later on really pops.

Once you pick a color, use a dense flat brush to pack the matte eyeshadow all over the lid, says Hurkman. "Then, with a clean blending brush, diffuse out the harsh lines, so it's seamlessly blended." When it comes to blending, remember patience is a virtue.

Step Three: Apply the Shimmer.

Now, it's time for shimmer and shine. There are multiple ways you can apply the shimmer to this makeup.

"For this, I like using a cream glitter because it will stick to the eye and blend out perfectly with just a finger, plus it will stay all day," says Hurkman. The Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakes ($25, is perfect for this. It's available in nine colors and is super buildable, whether you're using it as a topper (like we are in this look) or want a beaming eyeshadow look.

If you don't have cream glitter or shimmer shadow, Lovello says you can use loose glitter. "Apply glitter glue to the center of your lid by gently tapping it onto the skin," she says. "Then, with a flat brush, tap the glitter on to where you applied your glitter glue."

If you're using the loose glitter, Hurkman says to opt for a fine glitter so that the look still has a subtle look and feel.

Step Four: Complete the Rest of the Eyes.

Finally, tie the look together with your favorite mascara or false lashes, as well as a little highlight on the inner corner of the eyes for an additional pop of shine.

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