The One Makeup Trend You Should Try This Spring, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpios will be all about lashes, of course.

Spring makeup trends by zodiac sign article
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When spring comes around, we all instantly start saving makeup looks we want to try later in the season — and there are so many trends to choose from!

Thankfully, the cosmos are a great resource when trying to figure out what vibe best aligns with our innate astrological personality. (Who knew finding the perfect way to level up our makeup this spring was written in the stars!)

From coral lips and embellished eyes, to spidery lashes and body glitter, here is the key makeup trend each of the 12 zodiac signs should try this spring.

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Aries: Bold Eyes

Since you're a warrior by nature, you need a standout look that lets people know not to mess with you. Euphoria-inspired bold eye makeup will remind others that you're both fierce and rambunctious, not to mention passionate about everything life has to offer.

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Taurus: Double-Winged Liner

There's nothing more seductive than an eye look, and double-winged eyeliner is a very simple, yet bold way to wear a classic look. It'll make you feel like the beautiful Venusian babe that you are without having to put in that much extra effort.

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Gemini: Bright Blush

You're known for your cheeky nature, so blush will show off your best asset and reflect your personality. From peach and rose to sienna and berry, you'll make sure your cheeks are radiating positivity all season.

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Cancer: Body Glitter

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It's time for you to glow up, Cancer! Wearing body glitter while standing under the moon (your planetary ruler) will heighten your intuition, sentimentality, and energy. Now, your physical body can shine as bright as your favorite celestial body, and you'll feel the vibes run right through you.

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Leo: Cool Corals

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Coral is the ultimate color for Leos to wear this spring. Being that it's a cross between red and pink, it'll ignite your emotions and fiery nature while healing your heart chakra (the part of the body that you rule). Also, it'll boost your creative abilities.

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Virgo: Dewy Skin

You're known for having an amazing vibe all the time, which is why you'll radiate optimism throughout the season. A great way to achieve a positive look for spring is to create a dewy skin look that lets others see your glowing and endearing personality.

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Libra: Dark Lip

Always one to need balance and harmony, you'll be happy to wear lipstick that has a contrasting darker lip liner to accentuate your pout. It'll help you find much-needed resolve throughout the season by allowing you to find compromise and peace between all the juxtaposing elements in your life.

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Scorpio: Spider Lashes

Spider lashes will be a method of personal protection for you, due to their long, pointy, and sharp look. If anyone messes with you, they'll have to watch out since your lashes will act like stingers — and let them know that you're on to them without directly saying it.

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Sagittarius: Ombré Eyeshadow

Never one to adhere to norms, you'll choose to rock ombré eyeshadow this season. You won't have to pick just one color — now you can choose from many different options. After all, you don't believe in coloring inside the lines, and your makeup should reflect that.

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Capricorn: Thin Eyebrows

Fluffy eyebrows are sooo last season! Thin brows are the best way for you to have a low-key look for every occasion. And hey, TikTok agrees!

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Aquarius: Frosted Lips

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Being that you're known to be an innovator, you will opt to adorn your lips with the ultimate Y2K trend: frosted lips. Wearing this look will allow you to embrace your unique style, which we all know has a modern edginess to it.

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Pisces: A Little Sparkle

Embrace your dreamy nature this season by adorning your face with crystals. Applying some sparkle around your eyes will not only captivate others but also allow them to see your artistic talents. After all, you have Bette Davis eyes — it's time to show them off with extra bedazzlement.

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