Wait, Is Someone Actually Making a Mean Girls Palette?

Mean Girls Pallette
Photo: Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Today in "how is this still not a thing?!" news, our lives may soon become so much more "fetch." And no, we're not talking about a possible Mean Girls sequel. This is better, or at least we'd like to think so.

The Internet is currently losing it over the possibility of a Mean Girls palette, and we really, really, really hope this is not some kind of a very cruel joke. The Regina George in each of us would not be pleased...

Story Book Cosmetics (yep, the same brand that is giving you those Harry Potter brushes!) debuted the idea on Instagram this week by posting a mockup of what the eyeshadow palette could look like if it ever came to be.

The packaging resembles Regina George's best creation—AKA the Burn Book—and the featured colors would all have names after some of the movie characters' most memorable quotes. Think "ESPN or something" (navy blue), "Wednesday" (pink), and "Army Pants" (green).

Now we'd like to know who we can call 56,653 times to make sure this doesn't just stay labeled as a possibility.

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