Fingers crossed? 
Gigi Hadid's Sexy Hair and Makeup
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Please take one moment from scrolling through Gigi Hadid’s Instagram to listen to this important PSA. While you already know Gigi is one of the gorgeous faces of Maybelline (she rocks those ads), there are rumors floating around that she might just have the chance to create her own collab, or project of some sort, with the beauty brand.

So where did this talk come from?

According to WWD, while at a summer product launch event in LA, the vice president of Maybelline, Steven Waldberg, mentioned the below:

“She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s very motivated. She has created a true career for herself. She’s designing product in collaboration with a lot of other brands, and we’re hoping to do a lot more with Gigi,” he said to WWD. “She’s someone that I think a lot of young girls relate to and look up to.”

Basically, that little quote sparked a hope and dream in all of us that we too, can have Gigi Hadid’s glow in the form of a super affordable yet totally chic highlighter.

Oh, and also a Gigi-inspired brow product would be cute, too.

The quote is vague, considering Waldberg only said they’d like to work with Gigi more, but a girl can dream, can’t she? The timing wouldn't seem all that off, considering Bella was just announced as one of the new faces of Dior Beauty.

Those Hadid sisters are on a roll!

Here’s hoping we’ll see a teaser on Instagram within the next few weeks.