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Let me tell you a little something about affordable New York City apartments—natural light is hard to come by. Unless you find a hidden gem with an abnormal abundance of windows, there’s a very good chance that your “sunshine” is coming from a bulb. Not only does that make Kardashian-level selfies difficult to achieve, it’s not the best setting for applying makeup. Sure, you have a mirror, but lighting changes everything—your office bathroom can attest.

But because technology is ever inventing and always problem solving, magic mirrors Snow White’s stepmom would be jealous of actually exist. And by that I mean, mirrors that have incredible reflective and magnifying technology with built-in LED lights that ensure you’re blending and buffing and placing all your foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, highlighter, and more properly. Simply put, they should take care of the bad lighting prob you have in your bathroom.

So, for all those out there like me who wish they could have floor to ceiling windows but also make rent and eat, I decided to try an alternative to natural light—road-testing the Jerdon LED Lighted Mirror w/Motion Sensor ($103; bedbathandbeyond.com) to see if my makeup looked any better than it normally would, and to see if the process of applying it became any easier.

The mirror is a table-top device with a height of 16 inches and a power cord. The circular mirror features two different sides with varying magnifications. The circumference of the mirror is surrounded by LED lights that function with a motion sensor, so they'll light up as you're blending in your foundation with your Beautyblender, dabbing on your cream shadow, and filling in your eyebrows.

I was shocked at how much the LED light made a difference in allowing me to see streaks in my concealer and foundation, making me wonder if I walk into work every day with a poorly blended base of makeup. I used the very same lineup of product I normally do, and I saw a noticeable different in the evenness of my complexion with this techy tool. The clear magnification also allowed me to get up-close and personal with my face (who knew I had that many freckles?!) and precisely fill in the sparse spots in my eyebrows.

As for the motion sensor, mine went off a little fast for my liking when I was doing my eyebrows, but a quick wave of my hand lit it up again. This also could have been because I'm barely moving during this part of my routine.

So is it the secret to a better face of makeup? Maybe! Well, at least if you're window deprived like me.