Slime Eyeliner LEAD
Credit: janeenersss/Instagram

The words "slime" and "makeup" and " beautiful" don't exactly go well together. Or at least that's what we thought before we discovered the "slime liner" makeup trend.

Slime eyeliner, for the uninitiated, is a cat eye that's morphed into a slimy, oozing flick. It's typically a bright color versus traditional black—green, blue, and yellow being the most popular, natch—and often includes drips of "slime" melting down the upper part of the face. What was just described sounds kind of gross, TBH, but it's actually somehow very, very pretty. Proof:

Slime liner kind of has a '90s Nickelodeon meets glamorous costume party vibe, if you ask us. Might we suggest this as another last-minute Halloween makeup idea to keep in your back pocket? But really, what's stopping you from wearing it before or after Halloween?

Work it, girl.