How to Find Your Signature Spring Lip Color In Just 4 Easy Steps

We tapped a celebrity makeup artist to share her best tips.

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The only rule in beauty is that there are no rules. So as far as we're concerned, you can wear whatever color, product, or makeup look you want, whenever you want. But it's still never a bad idea to switch things up by the season — and with spring just around the corner, why not take a new lip color for a test drive?

Adding a swipe of bright berry lipstick or a cheerful pink stain is an easy way to lift your mood and reflect the mood of the new bloom — you just have to find the shade that speaks to you.

And that's where we come in. Ahead, learn how to find a signature lip color for spring, in just four easy steps, with a little help from celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner.

1. Choose a Color You Feel Comfortable Wearing

According to Wainner, making sure you find a color you're comfortable with is the first step when it comes to choosing a signature lip. After all, in order for something to be considered a "signature," it has to look and feel like you. That means choosing a subtle, petal-pink shade if you're into neutrals. Or, on the flip side, reaching for a vibrant red if it makes you feel happy. "You always want it to be flattering and to reflect your personality," Wainner says.

2. Pay Attention to Your Skin's Undertones

This is an old makeup artist trick. Choosing your lip color according to the undertone of your skin can ensure a flattering result. "A foolproof way to quickly find your undertone is to check your veins," Wainner says. " f you see blue veins, you most likely are cool-toned. If they are green or olive, then you're warm. Neutral would be a mix of both."

Generally speaking, it's your best bet to mirror your undertone in the shade of lipstick you wear. So, for example, if you have cool undertones, look for lip colors that have cool undertones themselves. A classic cherry red lipstick that has more blue undertones than orange, will flatter you. If you have warm undertones, look for lip colors that have orange tones in them. A '90s-inspired brick-red lipstick is a good example of this. And if you have a neutral undertone, a wide range of shades will work for you.

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3. Experiment With a Variety of Colors

Even after taking your undertone into account, choosing a signature lip color isn't an exact science. According to Wainner, some trial and error will still be required. "Paying attention to your undertone while picking a signature shade is important, but unfortunately, there is no secret formula," she says. "Trying on numerous colors can help you identify what looks best with your skin tone."

If you want to test a variety of shades without spending a lot of money, there's are a few things you can do: First, you can request samples from beauty retailers (many of them offer free samples to new and returning customers). Second, you can try them on virtually (again, this is a service multiple companies and retailers offer on their websites).

4. Tap Into Seasonal Trends

A good place to start when finding a signature lip color for any season is to test the trending shades first. This ensures that whatever shade you choose will feel fresh, modern, and of the moment. Isn't that what we all want from a signature lip color?

"Berry shades will be huge [this spring], which is amazing, because depending on what shade you use, it could take you from a bold and sensual look to a lived-in and sheer look," Wainner says.

Once you find the lip color that's best for you (berry or otherwise), you can use different application methods to change the final look. This is an easy way to make any lip color feel more versatile.

You can dot it onto the center of your lips and blur it out with a fluffy brush for a stain-like effect. You can also accentuate the corners of your lips with a darker shade of lip liner for an ombre effect. Or, swipe it on straight from the bullet for bold, full-coverage color.

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