Beauty Site for $1 Lead
Credit: shopmissa/Instagram

If there’s anything I like more than the concept of 99 cent pizza, it’s a 99 cent beauty product. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues spending cash on product. But you really can’t be mad at a makeup brush that after purchasing will still allow you to budget out coffee money for the rest of the week. While you might think a dollar store made up of products you actually want to put on your face is something of your vivid imagination (because even drugstore beauty hauls can get pricey), I’m here to tell you the concept exists on the Internet.

The site is called, and it offers an insanely wide variety of products and tools for $1 each. The site, which launched about three years ago, also sells jewelry and accessories, but after realizing how much of a hit their beauty section was and the popularity garnering around it, the founders expanded the selection with even more brands and buys, obviously staying within the $1 price point. I won’t lie… I was a little skeptical about the entire situation. Maybe I’m cynical, but anything that cheap seems a little bit too good to be true. Like aren’t you going to at least try to charge me for some fancy packaging? Despite my suspicion, it’s legit and I sat down with the founder, Jean Yoo, to go over their mission and check out a sampling of what the site offers.

While they’ve yet to fully forge into skincare and haircare, it’s a makeup-lovers paradise, with over 20,000 products site-wide available to explore. Think lip balm, gloss, liquid lipstick, lipstick in a tube (but in a variety of finishes), and lip liner. There’s also face makeup, ranging everywhere from foundation to highlighter, nail products, and tools galore. But not just brushes—the brand also sells eyelash curlers, makeup blending eggs, and nail clippers, among other devices. has even branched out with an exclusive makeup brand, AOA, which offers items like makeup wipes (yessssss) and adorable slogan cosmetic cases. Some of the other brands will probably be new to you, while others, like e.l.f and L.A. Colors, you've probably worked into your routine before. I tested out some of the brushes and was pleased with how they laid down my product, and the makeup wipes are definitely worth having in your handbag for emergency clean-ups. I've always been a fan of e.l.f lipstick, and the blending sponges will definitely do when it's time to toss my beautyblender.

So by now you’re probably wondering why it’s so cheap? The idea is to allow customers to explore the world of beauty without hindering their cash flow, and they source the products directly from the manufacturer. It reminded me of Everlane, except makeup.

And now, we'll leave you so you can fall down the rabbit hole of beauty shopping. But of course, without maxing out your credit card.