But seriously, good for her. 

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Shay Mitchell Lead
Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

When we’re talking about Pretty Little Liars, we’re OK with the concept of Shay Mitchell keeping secrets. It adds suspense and an entertainment factor that we’d be disappointed without. But when it comes to her makeup routine and anything to do with the smoky eye looks we see all over the Internet, we politely ask that she spill.

Luckily for us, as the new face of Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eye Palettes ($29 each; sephora.com), Mitchell was more than happy to give us the scoop on not only her favorite item from the collaboration, but other facts like her skin-care splurges and the beauty task she finds most relaxing. Need a hint? It has nothing to do with a manicure and everything to do with your dirty makeup brushes.

Can you tell me a little bit about what the Smashbox collaboration means to you and what eye palette is your favorite?

I have been using Smashbox products ever since I can remember, specifically their primers. Working long hours on set, either Pretty Little Liars or photoshoots or whatever, I needed something that would keep my makeup on. That was one of the first products of Smashbox that I used that I can remember. And then once I started doing shoots at their studios, I got really familiar with the rest of their makeup products, so when I go the call to collab with them on the Cover Shot Palettes, I was super excited. Seeing them and getting to see all the different colors and the travel sizes of them, it was just really well suited for me, and how I travel. I throw a palette like that in my bag and all of the colors I thought were really great. No matter what your makeup style was, you could find a palette that was suitable for you. I’d have to say Ablaze is probably my favorite, but then today I'm doing a bold look, so I’m using a little smoky and little metallic for a highlight. I really do use all of the palettes on a regular basis, and I really do like all of them.

Do you have any tips for creating the perfect smoky eye?

I would say blending. When I used to do my makeup a long time ago—and now I work with a lot of these amazing makeup artists that I’m fortunate enough to work with now—I would just do one color. I would smoke it and then I’d be like, "How does it not look quite right?" But now I realize you need a lot of blending and shading. That was one of the tips I picked up along the way.

What’s one beauty task that you personally find like impossibly difficult and you still to this day want answers to?

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to grasp winged liner. I’ve tried. I’ve attempted many times, and I’ve just come to the conclusion that my hands are not still enough. I just leave that for whenever I work with a professional.

What’s one beauty ritual that you find like very relaxing? The one that totally chills you out?

Cleaning my makeup brushes. I will clean anybody’s makeup brushes. I absolutely love it. I’d like to set up a little shop, where I could do that. Patrick [Ta] just asked me if I could clean his at the end of the day, and I said yes. I don’t know. I love it. I get some sort of satisfaction from cleaning them. I’ll do all of my brushes and yeah...very happy.

That is the best thing I’ve ever heard. You can do mine if you want.

OK, come on over!

What about a beauty splurge that you’ll never stop making?

Probably facials because I think they are really important.

Is there a really cool beauty skill or trick that another celebrity or any of your friends taught you?

I think you know the whole strobing [trend]. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on how to. I know quite a few beauty blogger ladies who have mastered that. I would say that 2016 was the year of strobing, and I definitely tried my hand at that.

What this year is going to be about? I feel like strobing was very 2016.

Yeah! I don't really know! To be honest with you, I love the whole '90s look. I love that big brows are back and the monochrome and the brown lips and that kind of thing. I'm a big fan of that.

What are a few of your favorite beauty staples that you freak out about?

Obviously the palette. I honestly don't need more colors than what are here. Then, I would say coconut oil. It's something I use for literally everything. A good nude nail polish goes a long way. I carry one of those in my bag as well.

What's your go-to product when you are breaking out?

I honestly really like Biore's One Minute Self Heating Mask ($6; walmart.com). It's something I use on the regular. It cleans out my pores, especially being somebody who has makeup all the time. It's something that really does clean them out. I like to do an in-home spa day once a week, and that's one of my go-to products for that to keep my skin clear.