Selena Gomez's Makeup Artist Is Posting Product Reviews on Instagram

We accept this rose.

Selena Gomez
Photo: hungvanngo/instagram

There’s a chance you are already aware of this makeup pro on Instagram, but on the off chance you aren’t already taking notes on all the glowy goodness he creates for the hottest supermodels around (yeah, like Stella and Taylor and your girl Ashley Graham) oh, um, and SELENA GOMEZ, this will serve as your motivation to finally click follow.

With a following of over 300K and a feed that's literally dominated by A-listers' gorgeous faces, you can assume that celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo is pretty well known in the Hollywood sphere and that he knows his stuff. You could also assume that he knows his products. I mean, you don't create total radiance for Rosie Huntington-Whitely with a sub-par primer... Luckily for anyone like me who fan-girls whenever makeup artists spill their kits or when YouTube vloggers do haul videos, it looks like Hung is about to add product reviews to his already golden Instagram line-up.

"Starting this week, I decided I would have a little fun and post a few makeup & skincare favorites and the reasons why I'm featuring them. Some are new and some are old go-to's. I'll post new ones every couple of weeks. None of the products here are sponsored, and the opinions are mine!" the pro wrote on Instagram.

Honest and true product opinions from an industry great? Yeah, we're down.

Hung went on to give his reviews on six different products, including the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Airblush ($42; and Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks ($7; from CoverGirl. We can vouch for both of those gems, too.

He also added his thoughts on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation sticks (available in 30 different shades?!) and NARS Matte Eyeliner.

He ended his post by asking fans to leave a comment if they liked the series and wanted to see more. And to that we say, "we accept." How about one every Monday? That would certainly give us a reason to fight off the Sunday scaries.

Again, who doesn't want makeup advice from Selena Gomez's glam squad?

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