Even if you don't have tickets to the actual show. 

Selena Gomez's Tour Makeup
Credit: Denise Truscello

Selena Gomez isn't the only one completely killing it on her Revival tour—major props need to be given to the entire production team, especially her glam squad who has created her most incredible looks yet.

If you haven't already caught the show live for yourself, surely you've seen Gomez's incredible makeup looks, like the copper smoky eye crafted by makeup artist Melissa Murdick. It's absolute perfection. So when Murdick took to the tour's own Instagram account for a brief tutorial on how to copy the look (using Gomez herself as a model), we busted out our makeup brushes, liquid liner, and shadows to get to work.

A video posted by Official Revival Tour (@revivaltour) on Jul 20, 2016 at 8:16am PDT

The elongated shadow, the uber precise cat eye liner, and those dramatic falsies are all right here in the tutorial. We're not gonna lie, our first attempt at replicating the look didn't go so smoothly, but practice makes perfect, right? We're wiling to fight the good fight to perfect this look. It's that gorgeous.

Hopefully we can get it down pat in time for the next behind-the-scenes beauty tutorial. And, yes, that's a major hint to Murdick to make another one of these. Inquiring minds want to know. Please and thank you.