By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 31, 2016 @ 8:45 pm
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty

You know how ballerina buns and precise cat eyes are considered classics in the beauty sphere? Like, they’re pretty much looks that you can never go wrong with and have been around for what feels like 4 million years? That’s the way I feel about blue eyeliner. In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest classics of all time.

It can be mod. It can be subtle. It can be electric and editorial. And it can pretty much win over the Teen Choice Awards red carpet. Need photo proof? One look at Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and you’ll see.

The actress showed up to the (blue?) carpet wearing her hair in a messy, tousled ‘do accented with one uh-mazing side braid and blue lower liner that I cannot stop staring at. This is quite possibly my dream summer beauty look.

Her shadow was kept relatively neutral and slightly shimmery, but the eyeliner, paired with her terrific full brows, just pulled the entire thing together.

It helped that it matched the color of her dress, but she could have worn PJs and that eyeliner would have still made headlines.

But really, leave it to Sarah to make me reevaluate my beauty routine. Two weeks ago, girl had me thinking of going red like Ginger Spice with her color switch-up (the Spice Girls hold a dear place in my heart), only to remind me one day later of my #bronde hair goals.

BRB, trying to find something in my closet that somewhat matches Sarah’s dress—this look needs to be recreated on Monday morning.