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Rosie HW Interview - LEAD
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has all the answers. She taught us how to put together a chic and (more importantly) confidence-boosting outfit for the airport. She’s changed our lives with her product reviews and tutorials on Snapchat. And now, RHW is giving us the secret to getting shiny hair fast—and no, it doesn't include smashing an egg on your head. That's just one of the many beauty tips we learned when we chatted with the supermodel, mom-to-be, and celebrity brand ambassador to Moroccanoil. Check out what she has to say about being scared to cut bangs, her first makeup memories, and more below.

What’s the first beauty memory you have?

I think probably sitting on my bed and watching my mom do her makeup before work or before she’d go out in the evening. The little girl, you watch transfixed and you ask questions. She’d let me touch the products and look at things. I’ve always sort of loved beauty, any products for as long as I can remember. And then really one of my first beauty memories was saving up my pocket money on weekends to go buy that first palette of eye shadow, trailing up and down the aisles and playing with all the testers and things…Standing in front of your mirror as a young girl and figuring it all out—figuring out how to put on your eyes and reading magazines with the tips and tricks and things. Those are probably my first memories, but definitely watching my mom. To me, as a little girl, she was just so glamorous when she got ready and dolled herself up when she’d go out. She didn’t go out much, but when she had a night out, it was just so wonderful to watch her transform. Incredibly glamorous to me as a little girl.

Do you have a beauty question you’re still dying for someone to answer?

I’m so lucky aren’t I? I have the best beauty-work experience. Every single day at work, I get to sit in a chair with some of the most incredible makeup artists and hairdressers in the world. I think ultimately if I could do anything, I so would have loved to watch somebody like Elizabeth Taylor do her makeup. She’s just such a beauty icon to me. You know, back then, stars did their makeup themselves. On YouTube, you can search her doing her makeup. She is just the epitome of glamour and beauty to me.

Rosie HW Interview - Embed
Credit: Courtesy Moroccanoil

What’s your hair routine like?

I like to keep things really easy. I wash my hair probably once a day, every other day. I am often at the gym, so I often have to wash my hair. I like to use a Moroccanoil Treatment Light ($34; sephora.com) in my hair, which is really beautiful for making it really manageable, really shiny, and healthy. I will put a tiny drop of that at the ends of my wet hair. It makes it really easy to style and then I will blow dry my hair. I also love to use the hydrating, styling cream, which leaves behind a really soft, natural finish. One of my favorite tips I learned from a hairdresser and friend of mine is once you blow dry your hair and your hair is 80 percent dry, if you tip your head upside down and then with the hair dryer and the round brush, you kind of go through your hair. You can sort of give yourself a do-it-yourself blowout at home.

What are some of your other favorite products?

I’m a big fan of dry shampoo. I work out nearly every day, so obviously your hair gets kind of messy and sweaty from the gym. A really quick tip from me is that I always carry a little can of the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo ($10.50; nordstrom.com) in my hand bag or in my car. If I’m traveling on a plane, I will take it with me, and that’s kind of a quick and easy way to give yourself a sort of refresher before getting off the plane, after a workout, or if you’ve got a fantastic blow dry that you want to extend for a couple of days.

What’s one hair trend you’ve always wanted to try?

You know it’s so frustrating! I wish hair grew quicker. There are so many things that I’d like to try. I’ve always had long hair and last year I kind of cropped it off to a short bob, which was so fun. I’ve wanted to do that for a long, long time. I had the best time rocking out a little short bob. It was really fun. I really recommend just trying different hairstyles. One hair trend I’m always coming back to and I’m always toying with the idea of is cutting a fringe—cutting bangs as they call it in America. I had it once before many, many years ago and they weren’t cut the best. Ever since then, I kind of have been fearful of trying [bangs] again, but you see that picture of the girl with the fabulous fringe and you’re like, “Oh, I would really love to try that!” I think Brigitte Bardot had a fantastic fringe and Jane Birkin and girls like that, so whenever I see references of them, I’m always tempted to do it. I don’t think I would have the balls to do it to be honest, but I would love to see what I look like with a pixie cut. That would be really fun. You never know what is going to come your way.