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RMS Face Palette
Credit: rmsbeauty/Instagram

I go through a style transformation every summer. I trade in all my ripped black jeans and booties for multiple versions of the little white dress. My stress-prone personality gets shockingly more spontaneous and carefree. And the length of my beauty routine? It’s cut in half.

Spending 20+ minutes in front of the mirror, something that was very much a regular habit in Jan, Feb, and March, becomes unimaginably absurd. I reach for multitasking products that all fit in my mini cross body bags or clutches and help give me a glowy, dewy summer face. rms beauty's Signature Set Mod Collection ($44; sephora.com) does just that.

A longtime lover of Rose-Marie Swift’s Living Luminizer, its inclusion in the palette is what first caught my attention. This mini white square, which can fit in the palm of your hand, consists of five little tins that all work together to give you a dewy, radiant, and natural beauty look.

First, you have the Living Luminizer, which is a sheer and subtle cream-based highlighter that you can tap onto to high points of the face and it seamlessly melts into the skin. Then, you have the Master Mixer, a rose gold cream-based product that you can use on the cheeks as bronzer or highlighter, layer over lip products for more sheen, or tap below your brows to highlight your brow bone.

There are two different Lip2Cheek tints, my favorite being a coral-pink that gives my fair skin tone a pretty flush, and also the Simply Cocoa Lip and Skin Balm, which you can use on any dry areas of the skin. I usually moisturize my lips with this and top the look off with the Lip2Cheek.

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As long as I have my concealer and a brow pencil, this palette takes care of literally everything else, and all the products can be applied using your finger tips. If my phone isn’t distracting me, I can get through my entire routine in five minutes flat, giving me even more time for summer spontaneity.