Something on Rihanna’s Face Is From Fenty Beauty

Photo: Dave Benett/WireImage

The most we’ve heard about Fenty Beauty is that, well, it’s happening. Rihanna has kept the launch of her beauty brand top secret, only revealing the logo, a spot where you can sign up for a newsletter, and the fact that it’s set to launch sometime in the fall of 2017.

As far as what products we can expect? Nada. But Rihanna might have just given us a glimpse of the upcoming collection in the most subtle and stealth way possible. Last night, Rihanna posted a picture of her face and tagged the Fenty Beauty account with the caption, "@fentybeauty #NewGenerationOfBeauty Coming...this Fall!!!!"

So basically, something on Rihanna’s face is from Fenty Beauty. Is it her red lipstick? Is it her glowing highlighter? Her perfect skin?

The tag was placed on her cheekbones, but considering foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, and blush can all go on that exact spot, the list isn’t narrowed down by any means.

The moral of the story? Keep a close watch on Rihanna's Instagram account. We doubt this is the last time she'll tease the much-anticipated line.

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