I Test Hundreds of Beauty Products a Month, and This Sculpting Primer Gives Me Glass-Like Skin

No foundation required.

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Refy Glow Primer
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I have previously gone on record and said that in the grand scheme of makeup products, primers are basically superfluous. But I'm eating my words because in the last year or so there have been so many innovative, skin-changing primers released by brands across the board. Primer has not only been inducted into my 10-step makeup routine, but sometimes it even happens to be the actual crux of it. Such is the case with Refy's new Glow and Sculpt Face Serum Primer.

Hybrid makeup skincare products are becoming increasingly popular and it makes sense that primers would shine in this category — it's the final step of your skincare and first step of your makeup. Refy Glow and Sculpt is a niacinamide and glycerin serum-infused primer with a thin, silky, gel-like consistency. The niacinamide evens skin texture, reduces redness, and soothes breakouts while glycerin provides a powerful boost of hydration.

Glow and Sculpt spreads across the face quickly and evenly and is almost immediately absorbed. Because it intensely hydrates, the primer leaves a light sheen, makes skin soft to the touch, and creates a perfect, even base for any additional skincare products.

Glow and Sculpt Face Serum Primer with Niacinamide

Shop now: $34; sephora.com

Sometimes the summer heat makes wearing makeup feel somewhat futile — my makeup has actually melted off after a 10-minute walk to the bus station. But I love experimenting with makeup and there are days where a little concealer can reignite my confidence. So despite the temperature, I persevere — which is how I learned that Refy's Glow and Sculpt is weatherproof. Not only did my makeup last through the sweltering, sticky summer heat, but it also looked like glass skin throughout the entire day.

Although I first tested it out under my foundation on good skin days, I find that Glow and Sculpt is actually all I need — it makes me look dewy and awake, and perfectly defines my features. In fact, I actually think it gives me a face-taping effect thanks to the unique squeeze tube-to-roller bar applicator. I've noticed that it depuffs my face and swiping a little of this primer upward from the apples of my cheeks makes my skin look taut and flawless.

I am so impressed with Refy's Glow and Sculpt Primer that I'm wearing it on a daily basis. It makes my skin feel tight and smooth; as it turns out, glassy-looking skin is actually achievable. If you want to transform your skin in a day, head to Sephora where you can find Refy's Glow and Sculpt Primer for just $34.

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