Rashida Jones’s New Beauty Campaign Is All About Getting Real

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Almay has a new beauty pro in the house. Comedic genius Rashida Jones has signed on as the beauty brand’s new Almay Insider.

In addition to showing us the best ways to wear the feature-enhancing products, Jones will support the brand’s new “Reveal the True You” campaign with undeniably hilarious videos and segments on social media. That means your Instagram feed just got that much more entertaining.


"I feel honored that Almay trusted me to help bring their 'Reveal the True You' campaign to life,” said Rashida Jones in a press release. "The message of this campaign is something so simple, yet not often said: You are beautiful just the way you are. There is so much pressure to portray an idyllic life, especially through social media, and honestly, does anyone really have the picture-perfect Matcha Latte every day? It was this thought that sparked the idea of showing what my life as an influencer would really be like, behind the curtain, imperfectly perfect. I am very excited to share my experience as an Almay Mega Influencer with the brand's fans and followers."

Regarding that lovely everyday latte life? The answer is definitely not, so we’re excited to see the truth that Jones will bring to her campaign collaboration.

You can check out her first two videos now, one of which features Jones spewing off her everything she can list on her resume, including millennial whisperer, seasonal fruit jewelry designer, crystal entrepreneur, and much more.

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