Pinterest Beauty Searches
Credit: Courtesy

If you're anything like us, you can get sucked into the world of Pinterest at 6 PM., only to realize that four hours have passed and you forgot to eat dinner. All that consistent pinning means that Pinterest can detect trends as they're happening, though, so thank you for your hard work. According to the popular social media site, the following things are trending in the skin-care and beauty categories for summer 2016: bold brows, champagne eyeshadow, turmeric, and Korean skin care.

Obviously, everyone wants glowing, healthy skin, but Pinterest reports that Korean skincare secrets and tips have seen a 70 percent increase of ideas being saved to pinners' boards. Also, superfood turmeric—yes, the stuff that recently dyed Daisy Ridley's hands yellow—has seen a notable increase on Pinterest boards, as well.

As for the makeup department, Pinterest users are all about keeping things soft, pretty, and natural this summer. Bold brows are up 45 percent in searches from this time last year, and no-fuss champagne eyeshadow pins have seen a whopping 125 percent increase, as well. So if you're keeping notes, that means you should consider a DIY turmeric mask, followed up with your favorite Korean skin-care goodies, and then work it out with your natural brows and shimmery, champagne lids.

Well, if you're interested in staying on top of the Pinterest trends, that is.