By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 2:45 pm
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You can call Kim Kardashian West a member of the Instagram Royal Family at this point, but now she’s making moves on YouTube.

Finally embracing her inner beauty tutorial star, the celebrity teamed up with YouTube beauty guru Patrick Starrr for the how-to of your dreams. And if you thought the Jaclyn Hill collab was exciting, get this: This video features the Patrick Starrr doing Kim Kardashian’s makeup, and it’s 30 minutes of pure magic.

And even more groundbreaking for the contouring queen, it’s the first time she has gotten her makeup done specifically for the platform.

The look of choice shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following Kardashian’s beauty aesthetic as of late. Starrr created a "full coverage natural glam" look and used a mixture of his favorite products, Kardashian’s favorite products, and the KKW Beauty Contour Kit, obviously.

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Some other products of note? Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($64;, NARS Creamy Concealer ($30;, and the Kylie Cosmetics KKW Kimmie Lip Creme ($45;

While the tutorial is mesmerizing in and of itself, the best part is that they chat the entire time about beauty and random things you've always wanted to know about the celeb. You'll learn that Kim K.W. actually doesn't know what Zumba is (unclear), that she never forgets a makeup look, and that she doesn't work out with her sisters because they just Snapchat the entire time and she thinks it's annoying.

OK, you also learn more about her beauty routine and that after reading user comments and feedback, she is making a bigger Kabuki brush for her Contour Kits so you can properly buff out the lines of the contour.

So if you can't find anything good to watch on Netflix and you still can't seem to get foundation blending down, we highly suggest you hitting the play button. You can watch the production in its entirely above.