Credit: patmcgrathreal/instagram

When Pat McGrath posts on Instagram, our makeup-loving hearts skip a beat. The same place where you find all your favorite cat memes is where McGrath teases all of her new formulations—glitter lips, highlighter, and all. And if you’ve experienced the true magic that is a #PatMcGrathLabs product, you know that’s worth getting excited about.

And it looks like there’s another one on the way. Yesterday, the legendary makeup artist took to the good ole IG to post a video teasing “something new.” And it looks like our suspisions of it being a lipstick were correct!

The makeup artist is finally unveiling her take on matte lipstick with Lust:MatteTrance. The collection will feature three different sets of highly pigmented lipstick trios—Skin Show, Colour Blitz, and Vicious Venom. Each lipstick is encased in a shiny black tube adorned with gold lips and each set has a shade that pays homage to models that inspire the artist. Of course, the sets will come in McGrath's signature sequin packages, too. We know they collection will feature nude-y mid-roses, deep burgundies, as well as a crimson blue-red shade. With three lipsticks in each line, you could basically revamp your entire collection with McGrath goodness.

Usually we have a few more days of guessing before we get a release date, so we thank McGrath for not leaving us in suspense for too long. Oh, and a special thanks for making Monday morning totally bearable.