Looks Like Pat McGrath Has Another Genius Beauty Product in the Works!

Eyeliner or brows? Thoughts?

Gigi Hadid
Photo: Venturelli/WireImage

If Pat McGrath has taught us anything, apart from how to highlight and wear the most dazzling glitter lip ever created, it's that when she teases a potential product launch on her Instagram, she's being serious. Like, the product is probably on its way in a matter of weeks.

So today when she posted a video on Instagram of Gigi Hadid backstage at the Versace show, along with the caption "SOMETHING IS COMING from Pat McGrath Labs," the MIMI gals definitely had a moment and immediately began carefully studying the clip. The video below shows Gigi staring at the camera lens, and the hint is all in the close-up. Gigi is wearing what appears to be metallic silver eyeliner in the inner corners of her eyes, and while her brows do look stellar, we kinda think Pat is hinting at the release of an eyeliner pencil. A girl can dream?!

It honestly wouldn't surprise us given Pat's history with perfecting the art of shimmer. First, we've got her glorious pigments, followed by the pure genius that is her highlighter. I have never received so many compliments on my makeup than when I rocked that nude highlighter pigment on my cheekbones. For real.

The latest launch? A glitter Lip Kit that basically the entire world freaked out over, including top designers at DKNY, yours truly, and your favorite celebrities.

While we think our prediction of a silver gel eyeliner is valid, we have to wait for a confirmation from Pat (and her Instagram) herself.

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