Seems like the whole Internet is as obsessed with highlighter as we are.

Olympic Medals - Lead
Credit: Getty

There seems to be some confusion about the new Olympic medals. Two days ago, the official Instagram page of the Olympic Games shared a photo of the redesigned and brand new Olympic medal. The Interwebs then proceeded to lose their marbles. As it turns out, everyone is as beauty obsessed as we are and all assumed that the medal was, in fact, a highlighter. Take a look for yourself.

We have to admit that we see the resemblance. On our phone screens, it definitely looks at least a little like a highlighter. Many of the comments on the photo seem to have nothing to do with the Olympics or with the medal, but instead focus on how no one can believe it's not a highlighter.

Comments range from "I need this highlighter omg" to "really pretty highlighter" to "I NEED THIS HIGHLIGHTER IN MY LIFE" to "TELL ME WHY I THOUGHT THIS WAS A HIGHLIGHTER." Of course, they all have us feeling like #same.

It wouldn't be too far off, considering we've come across rainbow highlighters and even highlighters that look exactly like pizza.

Important note: The inspiration for the new Olympic medal design has nothing to do with makeup. The medals have been designed in a way that celebrates sustainability. And get this! According to FINA, half of the plastic made in the ribbons was made with recycled plastic bottles.

We're not experts, but maybe the Olympic Games should consider a new type of merch in addition to t-shirts and baseball caps. Just sayin'.