What you should have been doing with your glitzy palettes (but weren't).  

By Megan Kennedy
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 1:15 pm
Credit: nikkietutorials/instagram

Remember the good old days when an eyeshadow palette with a tacky, almost paint-like consistency made the cut? Remember when you totally thought those shadows doubled as lip gloss? NGL, there’s something really nostalgic about a multi-tiered palette decked out in pony stickers and heart-shaped eyeshadows with a painfully modest layer of glitter on top.

But anyway, if you’ve ever been curious about what you can actually accomplish with kiddie makeup, beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials takes on the challenge by packing on a full face of makeup using only kid’s products. Yup, even down to the brushes.

In the tutorial, she admits it’s a major struggle. After all, we’re so used to our professionally-made products that we’ve almost all but forgotten our roots!

Surprisingly, she came out of the challenge with a few kid makeup MVPs, like the shimmery Mini Mouse Eyeshadow as her “glow” and a super pigmented highlighter.

“I swear Mini Mouse, you are the glowing god right here,” she says in the video.

Of course, it’s silly to expect kid’s makeup to compare to what we use now in terms of quality, so it’s not shocking to see Nikki’s horrified expression when she tries out the kid’s contour powder. “OK, that looks like mud, but we’re gonna work with it,” she says.

She totally makes it work. The end result really captures that “I wanna be a princess when I grow up” vibe. Seven-year old Megan would have been mega jelly, while present me is just dazzled by those skills.

Personally, my kid makeup MVPs were the cellphone-shaped palettes. You know, so I could glam up while I gave my BFFs a ring.