Credit: Pixar

We're used to seeing beauty vlogger Chrisspy master simply beautiful makeup concepts, but she's got a knack for creating non-traditional makeup looks as well. For example, she's turned herself into Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and a very realistic Yoda. Her most recent video, though, is so insane that it's causing a major commotion in the beauty sphere. Meet Finding Nemo's real-life version of Dory:

The first few minutes of the video are especially trippy, especially once Chrisspy starts talking with the makeup on. The application process is pretty wacky, too. In order to create the look, she applies a bald cap and then does some pre-outlining before painting anything. From there, she goes in with paint and follows up with some shading and other detail work. For the fins and tail, she simply printed out a picture of Dory and glued it onto construction paper before securing to her head. Legit, right?

The vlogger says that Finding Nemo is one of her favorite movies, which is what inspired her to create the look. Because Chrisspy is such a big fan, her goal is to also get Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory, to see the video. But you know what would be really cool? Seeing her do the Dory makeup in front of Ellen on The Ellen Show. It all comes full circle there.

You can tweet this story at Ellen to help Chrisspy reach her goal.