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Laura Mercier
Credit: Courtesyy, TIME INC STUDIO

Foundation that makes you look like you’re under the romantic glow of a candlelight? Check. A concealer that covers dark circles and the zit on your chin? Double check. A translucent powder that keeps it all in place and has Mario Dedivanovic’s stamp of approval? Triple check! Laura Mercier has always had everything you’d want in a complexion arsenal except one very important thing…. a full-coverage foundation was missing.

As a beauty minimalist, I’ve always really appreciated that the brand’s products fell in the more natural spectrum, but sometimes you want a little more. Maybe the legendary makeup artist heard my cries because she’s launched what I’m considering one of the most natural-looking full-coverage foundations out there. It downright looks like you’re having a fantastic skin day, and pretty much aces the whole “no-makeup makeup” thing.

The Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation ($48; sephora.com) is a long-wear and incredibly lightweight formula that locks into place for up to 15 hours, initially providing medium coverage right off the bat. With another light layer, you’re at full-coverage status, evening out any perceived skin tone imperfections, masking any recovering blemishes, and more. In 20 different shades, it caters to a multitude of skin tones and is resistant to sweat and water, all while drying to a semi-matte finish. So if you have oily skin, it’s a must-have.

I tested it out on a day I begrudgingly woke up with a crop of pimples on my chin, two of which were mini cysts that were just starting to glow red. Jerry Johnson, the Global Makeup Artist for Laura Mercier, stopped by the InStyle HQ to show me the new formula and applied an incredibly thin layer (trust, a little goes a very long way) on my face using a sponge. I usually stay away from full-coverage foundations because I fear it caking up, but I was shocked at how real it really looked. It covered all the redness and the healing pimples I was dealing with and the flush that never, ever leaves my cheeks. Bonus, it didn't feel like anything was even on my face.

To apply it, Johnson suggests working in "sections of the face" because it dries very quickly. "I also prefer to apply the foundation with a sponge," he says. "Using the sponge allows you to properly dosage out how much foundation you’ll want to use. You can also ‘sheer’ the foundation out by dampening a sponge and using it wet versus dry. Use along with Laura Mercier Primer of your choice. I love the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free ($22; nordstrom.com) for this particular product, along with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($35; nordstrom.com) and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($38; nordstrom.com) for a perfect finish."

I wore the foundation for seven more hours at the office and out in the evening New York heat for three more hours without any fail.

LM, that was certainly worth waiting for.