No One Is Wearing Full-Coverage Foundation Anymore

The no-makeup makeup look is more popular than ever.

No One Is Wearing Full-Coverage Foundation Anymore
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Sourdough starter kits and knitting needles were two frequently used items during the COVID-19 lockdown, but now that daily life is less homebound, these hobbies are collecting dust — and the same goes for the makeup once used for a full-face look.

While many of us picked up arts and crafts while social distancing, we put down the makeup products we used pre-pandemic. After getting used to quick five-minute Zoom makeup and multi-tasking formulas like tinted SPFs, wearing less makeup inevitably became more popular.

There's always a time and place for full-coverage foundation, like a special event, but as proven by the viral "clean girl" aesthetic on TikTok, the desired day-to-day look is currently clear, dewy skin.

"Post-pandemic consumers are highly invested in their skin and feel confident and comfortable showing their natural complexion," says Clare Varga, Director of Beauty at WGSN, a leading trend forecasting company. "The old 'pursuit of perfection' is being rejected in beauty and people are spending less time covering up so-called imperfections. There's much more demand for lightweight facial products and next-gen skin-enhancing tints and veils that create a natural dewy finish to accentuate the complexion rather than cover it."

Think more medium-coverage foundations with a second-skin finish and skin tints that offer a lit-from-within glow. Brands are getting the memo, with a number of formulas that fit the above descriptions hitting the shelves since the start of post-lockdown life.

Make Up For Ever is one such brand ,with the launch of the HD Skin Undetectable Longwear Foundation. The liquid foundation offers seamless coverage that smooths and blurs skin for up to 24 hours without getting cakey.

"Everyone wants their skin to look like skin, so artists and clients are searching for foundations that can provide the coverage yet give that true to skin finish," shares Eddie Duyos, a Make Up For Ever Pro Makeup Artist & Senior Manager of Pro Education & Artistry. "It's why HD Skin Foundation has become so popular for us as a brand. Long gone are the days where people want to see coverage laying on their skin."

As the demand for lightweight complexion products continue to soar, the foundations options will continue to be innovative.

"Moving forward, it will be much more about Innovative formats that work with the skin's chemistry to create flattering, natural-looking color that reveals and accentuate the natural shades of the wearer," Varga says. "'Buildable' will be the buzzword in no-make-up make-up, as consumers look for product formats that can be dialed up or down."

Tower 28's SunnyDays — a tint that combines a moisturizer and SPF in one and can be built up to achieve your desired coverage, is one example. Then there's Kosas Revealer Skin-Perfecting Foundation, which is a more traditional SPF-infused liquid foundation with a seamless finish, thanks to skin-nourishing ingredients. And most recently, Bobbi Brown's Jones Road launched the What The Foundation, a unique balm that delivers a your-skin-but-better look.

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Shifting from full-coverage to a lighter formula does require one to tweak their application. "The thing to keep in mind is that the tool you use will dictate the coverage for the most part," Duyos says. "Finger application provides a sheer to light coverage, foundation brush application will provide a medium coverage, and sponge application can give you a medium to full coverage. Also, if you tap a dense brush or sponge on the skin you will always amp up the coverage of whatever foundation you are using."

Whatever tool and product combination you use, less is more as it's always easier to build up than take away coverage. And the same goes for the actual product you're applying. Finally, (almost) bare skin is in.

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