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I Swear By - Nars Concealor
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Concealer can completely hide the fact that you stayed out until 3 AM on a school night, and it can cover the zit that’s taken up temporary residence on your chin. As far as beauty products go, that, my friends, is performance. And in addition to the actual concealing, it can make you look pretty damn dewy.

While matte is always in the mix come winter, my spring and summer skin finish of choice is that glowy and kind of sweaty (but in the best possible way) look, and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30; nordstrom.com) helps me get there.

This season, I’ve given up foundation and only relied on this little tube to cover up imperfections and even out my skin tone with the most gloriously radiant and dewy finish. The coverage is medium at first, but in a way where your natural skin shines through, and you can build upon the formula without it getting cakey. Bottom line: You look like you, but that pimple is masked.

I dot the thin, creamy, hydrating formula in “Vanilla” under my eyes, on my chin, in-between my brows and around my nose and dab it in with a damp beautyblender ($20; sephora.com), and to melts into my skin, making it appear instantaneously healthier. I assume that’s due to the light-reflecting technology infused into it.

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I love Vanilla because I’m very fair with a little natural rosiness, and it’s made with the tiniest pink tint to match while also still toning down the redness. It’s available in 16 different shades total, is non-comedogenic, and it comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator for precise application. How’s that for a triple threat?