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Credit: Lauren Perlstein

If there is one product I’ve never shown enough love to, it’s blush. I’ve had naturally rosy cheeks (skin, TBH) my entire life, so adding any extra color seemed… unnecessary? But after I learned the wonders of foundation, I realized I could concentrate my rosiness on the place I actually wanted it—on the apples of my cheeks to create a natural, healthy look. Then came the search for the perfect liquid blush that would melt into my skin, and that everyone would assume was actually my own flush. Guess what, guys? I found it.

NARS recently launched a series of liquid blush ($30; sephora.com), and they've become staples in my 5-minute work face. If you obsessed over Cloud Paint, this is another product you need on your shelf. Its consistency is basically like water, it feels like air on your face, and a little goes a very long way. Trust me when I say you'll have this bottle for a very long time. You only need a teeny-tiny dot for each cheek, and all you do is dab, dab, dab it on your cheeks to blend it in.

If you do go overboard and apply too much, just take your beauty blender and blend out any harsh lines. Liquid blush, especially this formula, is so transformative and can make you seem alive and energized when all you really want to do is sleep.

VIDEO: Iconic Colors: Nars Blush in Orgasm

The line launched with four different colors, but the liquid take on Orgasm is by my favorite. That's an afterglow no one can match.