Or not at all if you go with the classics.

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Makeup Mac Cosmetics - Lead
Credit: maccosmetics/Instagram

If you follow beauty news closely this year, you've probably noticed that you can't go a week without an update about the latest Kylie Cosmetics launch or restock. Another noticeable trend for 2016? Holographic and rainbow everything, plus the Internet's obsession with all things Too Faced. The Sweet Peach palette made quite the impression on Instagram. Then, of course, there's the Storybook Cosmetics reign.

But when it comes to being tops the in the industry, an old favorite still wins out.

According to Polyvore, who crunched the numbers on their own surveys, MAC is the beauty brand of the year. This really shouldn't come as a shock because while they're not constantly selling out like the coveted Kylie Lip Kits, they did score some major collaborations an collections this year (hello, Selena). Not to mention the fact that you can find a MAC counter in major department stores across the country, plus their own brick and mortar locations.

So what is everyone flocking to MAC for? Nude lipstick, says the survey.

Runner-up in Polyvore's beast in beauty for 2016 is NARS, whose universally-flattering blush in Orgasm ($30; nordstrom.com) is still tops in terms of searches.

You'll find Urban Decay, with their Naked Palette ($54; nordstrom.com), checking in as the third most popular beauty brand, with Bath & Body Works following at number four thanks to Velvet Sugar. Clinique rounds out the top five because beauty enthusiasts are still loyal to their coveted facial moisturizer. BTW, the brand's foundation is a classic, too.

And don't feel bad for Jenner, she still managed to score no. 1 on one of Polvore's lists—fashion icon. Not too shabby.