Monochromatic Makeup Is Trending For Spring — Here's How to Nail The Look

A bold look for the new season.

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Quick — think of a universally flattering makeup look. I bet what pops into your mind first is something like red lipstick and winged liner. Or, maybe you think of fluttery lashes paired with a glossy lip.

But allow me to submit another, perhaps more (or less) bold look for consideration: monochromatic makeup. It's foolproof, requires minimal product, and just so happens to be a major makeup trend for spring.

What Is Monochromatic Makeup?

Monochromatic makeup involves applying the same color (and oftentimes the same product) to multiple areas of the face so that the lips, cheeks, and eyes match. The result, which you might think would fall flat, looks balanced and effortless.

Take it from makeup artist Jenny Patinkin: "Monochromatic makeup might be on-trend for spring, but I think it's always been a sophisticated look and is something I've used on myself and my clients for many years. It's very chic to have just one color palette on eyes, cheeks, and lips."

Celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner agrees. "Monochromatic makeup will be huge this year — [and] thankfully, this is a super easy trend to achieve on your own. I love using a balm or cream to achieve this look. It makes everything cohesive and flow beautifully."

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How Do I Do Monochromatic Makeup — and Make It Look Unique?

You might think every monochromatic makeup look is the same, but Patinkin proves each one can be different according to the textures, finishes, and application methods you use.

"I like to vary the depth of the pigments on the eyes and cheeks by using brushes of varying density and shape and mixing and matching the styles and coverage," she says. "The key is to mix and match the application on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. For example, a graphic pink eyeliner, a soft glowy pink cheek, and a strong matte pink lip."

Monochromatic makeup can range from soft and subtle to bold and bright. It all depends on the color you want to use. For the former, opt for more neutral shades like soft pink, peach, or taupe. For the latter, choose any color of the rainbow — from red to ultra-violet. "You can go from a glowy soft look to a bolder look depending on what shade you use," Wainner says.

Ahead, see four of our favorite monochromatic makeup looks.

Soft Pinks

Makeup artist Patrick Ta is well-known for his monochromatic looks. This one features a soft shade of pink on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Smoky Browns

monochromatic makeup trend

This monochromatic look, by makeup artist Jo Baker, was created by applying a soft shade of brown on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. It's a perfectly '90s-inspired look.

Chic Coral

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo created this sunset coral look for Zoey Deutch. It's a sunset encapsulated in makeup.

Elevated Orange

Makeup artist Patti Dubroff created this vibrant monochromatic orange look for Amanda Seyfried on the press tour for her recent movie A Mouthful of Air.

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