Your Lipstick and Liner Don't Actually Need to Match

Let us explain.

Why You Don’t Always Need Your Lipliner To Match Your Lipstick
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When it comes to beauty, there are always going to be some things you'll want to match. Your eyebrows after a waxing appointment, or that winged eyeliner you spent 20 minutes perfecting in the mirror, are two great examples. But when it comes to your lipstick and lip liner, that's a completely different story.

In fact, purposely mismatching them can create a gorgeous dimensional look, and according to makeup artists, it can even make your lips look bigger without the need for plumping products.

Take it from celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner: "What I love about makeup is that there are no rules," she says. "You can mix and match and do whatever you feel looks best or that you love!"

Celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman agrees. "Lip liner can be whatever you want it to be," she says. "They do not have to match — I mix colors all the time."

What's the Right Way to Mismatch Your Lipstick and Lip Liner?

Start by identifying the look you want to achieve. According to Feldman, going lighter or darker with your lip liner will offer up a unique result. "If you want some kind of color gradient, I would go darker with the liner," she says. To achieve this look, all you have to do is apply a darker liner to the corners of the lips, softly blend it out with a brush, and swipe on a lighter shade of lipstick over top for an easy ombré effect.

However, if you want a super blended lip, Feldman suggests choosing a lighter shade of lip liner. The unexpected benefit of this method is that it can strategically minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles. Just apply a lighter shade of lip liner first, then apply a slightly darker shade of lipstick on top. "It sounds weird, but it works!" the makeup artist says.

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How Do I Know Which Method and Colors Are Right For Me?

If you don't have a specific look or goal in mind, that's okay too. Like with all things makeup and beauty, it's totally up to you as far as which shade of lipstick and liner you choose to apply. For Feldman, her favorite way to wear mismatched liner and lipstick is to pair a dark brown or purple liner with red lipstick for added depth and dimension. "You'll thank me later," she adds.

For Wainner, it's all about pairing a brown or mocha lip liner with peach lipstick. "It marries so well together and makes for the perfect combo," she says. "Darker berry liners also go well with a nice mauve, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to personalize your lips and find a color that you love."

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