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Credit: milkmakeup/instagram

Matte lipstick, blow dryers, and full-coverage concealer are a few beauty products that don’t vibe well with the heat. While I’ve yet to find a matte lipstick that doesn’t melt or master air-drying my hair, but I’ve finally found a concealer that covers everything without getting cakey or drying up into blemishes as soon as I start sweating.

What makes Milk’s new Flex Concealer the exception to avoiding full-coverage concealers in the summer is that the formula is spiked with nourishing ingredients blue lotus and chamomile which hydrate and calm skin as you’re wearing it. This duo is also to thank for the effortless way the concealer glides on and blends into skin for a seamless finish.

Since I’m currently treating my hormonal acne with a prescription and dealing with scarring from past bad breakouts, concealing the aftermath from when my acne was at its worst is my top priority heatwave or no heatwave.

I’ve been wearing Milk’s concealer in “Fair” since New York had its first day over 70 degrees. The pigment is a perfect match for my complexion and since it blends easy, doesn’t leave any orange cast that reveals where I’ve applied it. But, most importantly, it covers my blemishes (and scars) without getting flaky, cracking, or oxidizing over them. The hydrating formula is also a miracle worker for dark under eye circles from staying up way too late the night before.

The best part? My friends and co-workers don't believe me when I complain that my skin isn't clear, which I'm crediting to this concealer.