Sparkles and glitter included.

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial - Lead
Credit: monicarosemua/Instagram

This summer is all about mermaids. Well, mermaid nails, mermaid hair, and mermaid workouts (a real thing you should definitely look up). The obsession is some what warranted, though. It's summer and mermaids have that summery vibe.

They live in the ocean, AKA by the beach, and they obviously remind us of our Disney fairytale dreams. TBH, we're still waiting for a handsome dude on the beach to become enamored with us, though we have zero interest in losing our voice and coming in contact with an evil villain. Thanks.

However, if you so please, you can take the mermaid thing a step further with this mermaid makeup tutorial.

Insta-famous makeup enthusiast Monica Rose shared the mermaid makeup tutorial on her Instagram, where it's already gotten a cool two million views. After you do your basic face and eye makeup, you put a fishnet stocking over your face as an easy solution for creating scales. Because drawing lines on with an eyeliner pencil sounds like actual torture.

Next, Monica contours and highlights using a mixture of blue powders and sparkles. She even uses a Kylie Lip Kit that she tops with the prettiest pink glitter. Maybe a look to consider for your next beach day? Halloween?