Find the Best Y2K Makeup Look For Your Zodiac Sign This Mercury Retrograde

This will help battle the bad vibes.

Best Y2K Makeup Looks By Zodiac Sign For Mercury Retrograde
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Watch out, Mercury retrograde is in full gear. From May 10 to June 3, the trickster planet will be moonwalking from the signs of Gemini to Taurus. Being that we're moving backward from an air sign into an earth sign, it's time for us to evolve our makeup. After all, air allows us to discuss and try novel ideas, while Earth is about material things like cosmetics.

As the weeks go by during the retrograde, it's important to experiment with old bucks that we can revise and use for the current times. One particular vibe is Y2K makeup, which we all know is making a major comeback.

From glossy lips and glittery skin to smoky eyes and pink cheeks, every trend aligns with one particular zodiac sign. Find the Y2K makeup that aligns with your zodiac sign, below.

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Aries: Bright, Glossy Lips

Aries have a sassy personality and give a lot of lip talk when they're upset. So a bright gloss on their lips helps them pop off and speak their minds in pretty-girl fashion. Even if their words are harsh, the recipient will be distracted by their lovely, pink pout.

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Taurus: Pastel Eyeshadow

Taurus is an earth sign that's ruled by Venus, which means they like sweet and candy-colorful makeup. A great way for them to integrate their favorite hues into their daily looks is to wear pastel eyeshadow. From light pink to sky blue to lavender, Taurus will be able to choose the right colors to express their romantic hearts and sentiments during the retrograde.

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Gemini: Dark Lipliner

As the dualistic sign of the zodiac, Gemini will need to wear a darker lip liner outside a paler shade of lipstick to have a juxtaposing look that transcends both their sides. As long as the colors blend well, this will become a classic statement look for years.

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Cancer: Dewy Skin

Being that the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon, they want to glow up — especially in the upcoming weeks. As long as they have the right shine, sparkle, and shimmer all over their faces, they will frolic under the moonlight and dance under the illumination that is bestowed upon them. Now, Cancer will have the chance to gleam and beam with lunar brilliance.

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Leo: Face Jewels

Leos are all about the flash, which is why they will choose to bedazzle their faces. The regal zodiac sign will adorn its complexion with beautiful gems to create an intricate design that is very Gwen Stefani circa '99. Not only will they have fun placing the gems on their faces, but Leos will relish taking selfies for everyone to see.

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Virgo: Nude Lipgloss

This zodiac sign is ruled by the Mercury — but it's the practical, analytical side of the trickster planet. Although Virgo has a lot of personality, they tend to look at just the facts of the situation and then make their assessment. Wearing nude lipgloss during the retrograde will allow Virgo to make precise decisions without any distractions.

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Libra: Pink Blush

The Venusian air sign is known to be extra cheeky with their friendships and romances, so it's no wonder they will wear a lot of blush to make their surrounding energy rosy and fun. Also, pink blush will entice Libras to be more creative and embrace their artistic nature with ease, which could be an issue during the retrograde.

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Scorpio: Smoky Eyes

Everyone knows that this water sign is super seductive. Their eyes can sink a thousand ships, which is why they'll lean toward wearing a smoky eye throughout the upcoming weeks. Not only will this look be reminiscent of Y2K glam, but it'll also make a passionate and sexy statement during this Mercurial moonwalk.

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Sagittarius: Colorful Eyeliner

The archer of the zodiac is known to be extra adventurous with their looks, which is why they'll pick an avant-garde vibe to rock. Colorful eyeliner that fully outlines the eye or is designed in fun shapes will allow the fire sign to explore the way they define beauty and have a good time doing so. Plus, retrograde will be an experimental time for Sagittarius to play with color.

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Capricorn: Frosted Lips

Sea goats will choose an old-school look that allows them to be taken seriously in the boardroom, as well as a vibe that transcends into happy hour. Frosted lipstick is a great way for them to get the attention they deserve — in and out of work. Any color will be perfect for Capricorn to wear everywhere they go this Mercury retrograde.

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Aquarius: Body Glitter

Aquariums are known to be the flying givers of the zodiac. They bring water to those in need and require nothing in return for cleansing the thirst of others. The closest thing to a wet and glistening body, according to Y2K beauty, is body glitter. Hence, the desire for the water-bearer to put some glitter on their body throughout the retrograde to show their spirit is strong.

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Pisces: Metallic Eyeshadow

Being that the fish of the zodiac is known to have dreamy eyes, they'll want to recreate an out-of-this-world cosmetic aesthetic from the early aughts. With metallic eyeshadow, Pisces can create a lovely mystical vibe that is reminiscent of the glistening ocean and embraces their inner sea-witch.

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