Mean Girls Highlighters
Credit: Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

The world is about to get a lot more fetch.

It looks like someone heard our plea for Mean Girls-inspired makeup and that someone is Jeffree Star. The social media star's liquid lipstick shades catapulted his line into success, and his latest product will likely have the same faith.

Enter the Regina George highlighter.

Jeffree took to Instagram to announce the release of the limited-edition hot pink "Skin Frost" shade that will be available on Black Friday (Nov. 25) at 1 PM.

Judging by the swatch, the super pigmented highlighter is everything you'd expect from a makeup item inspired by the Queen Bee of the Plastics.

Trust us, this compact will be your constant companion on Wednesdays (you saw that reference coming, admit it).

And let's hope that's just the first of many more Mean Girls beauty products to come. Anyone else hoping for a Cady Heron liquid lipstick?