The $6 Pencil That Saved Me When I Messed Up My Brows

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The $6 Pencil That Saved Me When I Messed Up My Brows
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Since we've been in quarantine, my eyebrows haven't gotten as much love as they usually do. When I finally decided to groom them a bit, I ended up making a major mistake: While my left eyebrow turned out totally fine, I went too far with the right, and now it's significantly thinner. I had to think fast, and thankfully I had the Maybelline Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil close by to try and fix it.

I usually turn to pomades or brow gels for my arches, but since I needed more precise coverage, I figured I'd go for a pencil. A few years ago at New York Fashion Week, a makeup artist told me backstage that the right pencil has the ability to draw hair-like fibers for a more realistic look. It stuck with me ever since. And thank goodness, because my eyebrows look like siblings again.

Maybelline eyebrow pencil

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My eyebrows are very thick and dark, so I have with the deep brown shade, and the intensity is perfect for me. The pencil is soft and glides on lightly, so if you have a shaky hand, no need to worry. With a few flicks across the top of my right eyebrow, it looks good as new! I then fill in some less noticeable gaps in my left brow to keep things uniform and set both with a clear brow gel, since the ends of my brows can get a bit unruly.

One of my favorite aspects of the Maybelline brow pencil is that it has a spoolie brush on the other end, so it's easy to comb through my brows before and after application. The precision tip is quite small at 1.5 millimeters, which is why the color and texture look so realistic. I like a bit of a feathery-soft look, but for anyone who prefers more dominant brows, this pencil will still work. The pigmentation is buildable and can be easily adjusted based on your preferences. As the brand describes it, the formula is "smooth and break-resistant."

Plus, whereas a lot of eyebrow pencils are only available in light, medium, and dark shades, this one has an eight-shade range, making it more accessible to everyone. And did I mention that it's only $6? If Maybelline asked me, I'd pay more.

It's been a little over a week now, and while my right brow still isn't fully back to normal, I have this easy-to-use pencil by my side for the time being. Buy one for yourself at Amazon.

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