By Erin Lukas
May 31, 2018 @ 11:00 am
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Though my eyebrows have never fully recovered from a decade of over-tweezing, I refuse to get microblading. Sure, the popular, semi-permanent brow treatment would give me the full, thick brows I lost when I started tweezing, but I have an extreme case of needle phobia (and microblading is extraordinarily expensive).

That's why, when Maybelline's Singapore-exclusive Tattoo Studio Brow Tint Pen ($8; first went viral in April after YouTube beauty vlogger Tina Yong posted a tutorial on it, I stalked it in the hope that it would eventually land stateside. 

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Here's why it's been getting so much hype: It has a multi-prong tip that applies the tint in hair-like strokes to mimic the same natural, realistic finish you'd get from a microblading appointmentand it promises up to 24 hours of smudge-free, transfer-free wear. The four available shades range from blonde to deep brown with an ash undertone. 

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Maybelline has finally brought the pen to the U.S. It's available at select online retailers now, and officially lands in mass market retailers in June.

I took the pen for a test drive last week, applying the deep brown shade in small strokes starting at the head of my brow to the tail. The pigment filled in sparse spots perfectly without looking, well, like I had makeup on my brows.


The angled shape of the multi-prong tip came in handy when I got to filling in the tail. Since this is the thinnest part of my brow, I tend to overdraw it and have to go back and clean it up with makeup remover, but Maybelline's pen made it easy to stay within my natural brow shape. 

Verdict: Who needs microblading now that this needless pen exists?