Spoiler: I took a ton of selfies.

By Megan Kennedy
Updated Jul 11, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Maybelline Brow Play Studio App - Lead 2016

Put down the tweezers and the fear of going overboard with the plucking or choosing the wrong brow shape. Virtually trying on eyebrows is now a thing. Today, I uploaded a selfie onto the web and let an app fill in my brows...digitally, that is. The result? The urge to buy a new filling crayon and the desire to amp up my day-to-day brow routine.

While it's not a totally realistic photo of finished brows, the Maybelline BrowPlay Studio is actually pretty cool and takes less than five minutes to complete on your phone. Well, unless you're like me and spend 20 minutes to find the right selfie only to realize that your hair covers your eyebrows literally 99 percent of the time. It's a online tool—you can use it on your computer or your phone—that allows you to find the perfect brow product for you. Raise your hand if you've ever been torn between gel and a pencil with no clue what to do. Exactly.

Maybelline Brow Play Studio App 1 - Embed 2016

Anyway! Choosing the selfie is the "hard" part, but once you've scrolled through three years worth of photos and boil it down to one (i.e. the hardest thing to do ever), then all you have to do is choose your two "brow problems." Not gonna lie, I wanted to select at least 3, but I settled for "sparse" and "unruly." I know those probs together totally seem contradictory, but if you stress pluck your eyebrows, you know this pain and how it can seriously derail your brow routine.

After you narrow down your brow problems into two categories, you select your face shape and your natural brow color. And tada! You get a pic displaying an example of the look (reminder, it'll probs look a tad different IRL), plus a personalized product recommendation based on your woes.

Maybelline Brow Play Studio App 4 - Embed 2016

My product rec? Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in Soft Brown. I usually use a powder on a normal basis (it's been about two years without a switch-up!), so I'm all in for trying out a new formulation, TBH. It's like it was made for me or something.