These easy makeup ideas won't look like a last-minute costume.

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SEO UPDATE: Makeup-Only Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit: Instagram/@ddlovato

There's two types of people in this world: Those who start planning their Halloween costumes in August, and those who figure out what they're wearing 15 minutes before the party starts.

If you fall into the latter category, you can get a little more creative this year by trying one of these makeup-only costumes instead of drawing on a few whiskers and saying you're a cat.

Even better? These costumes will cost you zero coin. All you need to transform yourself into Marie Antoinette like Demi Lovato or a pop art comic book character is the stash of makeup products you already own.

Ready to win best dressed this year thanks to your makeup skills? Try one of these five awesome Halloween costume ideas.


If you don't have any plastic snakes around, fear not. You'll still get the point of your costume across with the green scales you're going to paint all over your face. Makeup by beauty vlogger Giselle Cortes paired the scales with a green and gold smoky eye and matte black lipstick in her seven minute tutorial. If you really want to take the look to the next level, finish it off with green contacts like she did.

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There's nothing scary about this scarecrow makeup look Jaclyn Hill created in collaboration with her Morphe collection. In fact, it is one of the cutest Halloween makeup looks we've see, thus far — and it's ridiculously easy, too. Even if you're new to wearing makeup, you'll be able to keep up with Hill in her seven minute tutorial.

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Stand out from the dozen cats that'll inevitably be at your Halloween party by going as a deer. Beauty vlogger Claudia Sulewski's makeup tutorial isn't just a simple to do if you're not a professional makeup artist, she's also demonstrated a way to use that flower crown you have in the back of your closet from the music festival you went to a few summers ago.

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The fact that J.Lo's dressed up as a skeleton is proof that you can't go wrong with this classic costume. Achieve a similar look by following the steps in beauty vlogger Roxxsaurus by Roxi's half skull skeleton makeup tutorial. Wear your favorite all-black outfit to complete the costume.

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Pop Art Comic Book Character

Take a page out of your favorite comic book by turning yourself into one of its characters. This pop art-inspired Halloween makeup by beauty vlogger Sonia Castaneda was created with some of the products she uses for her everyday looks. Even though it looks impressive, it's not tough to do. Aside from a cat-eye, red lipstick, and outlining some of your features with black eyeliner, all you have to do is dot your face with some white eyeliner.

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