By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Oct 04, 2016 @ 10:00 am

There's normally no resisting MAC's new eyeshadow, but in this instance, their latest launch is actually magnetic. As if staying away from an online shopping cart wasn't hard enough...

Trust us, you have never had anything like this in your beauty bag, so you may want to mark October 13 on your calendar.

That's when the brand is releasing its new magical shadow, Spellbinder. OK, magic isn't really responsible for making this product so extraordinary... It's more like physics.

The ionized pigments are magnetically charged, so what would normally be in the form of loose powder maintains its form in teeny-tiny little shadow pots.

So does that mean less annoying fallout and creasing in our eye makeup!? We haven't tried it out yet, but a girl can only dream of those problems being totally eliminated...


Spellbinder will be available in eight shades, which include a couple of deep greens, a grey black, and a dark purple for a dramatic smoky eye, a bronze, and rich cobalt blue and teal.

Each will retail for $22 and MAC is also introducing a small eyeshadow brush for it at $25.

Instant attraction? We think so.