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Liquid liner and I have always been fierce enemies—I have documented proof of my tumultuous relationship with this product. No matter how smooth and precise the tip or how fluid and quick-drying the formula, I can’t seem to ace the cat eye, and I know I’m not alone. But MAC’s new liquid liner innovation might just change our fate.

The Rollerwheel Liquid Liner ($21; features a spherical spinning disk as the applicator, rather than your standard pen-tip. Think of it as a mini pizza cutter. As you roll the petite disk along your lash line, it distributes the product in a thin, even, and straight line, solving all those problems you have with getting your wings to match. The brand is called it "training wheels" for liquid lining, and we couldn’t agree more with the comparison.

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It's available in four different shades and finishes (shiny black, matte black, warm brown, and royal blue) and launched at all MAC locations on August 3, 2017, but it's only available online for Obsessed and Pro MAC members at this time.

Don't worry—I'll be keeping an eye out on when everyone can score it. For the sake of our cat eyes, of course.