You'll wonder if you have anything on your skin at all.
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Mac Foundation - LEAD
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You know that scene in A Christmas Story when Randy is so bundled up in his winter gear and down jacket that he can’t move? That’s how my face feels when I have a heavyweight foundation on. It’s nearly impossible for me to take, and I fight the urge to free my face of the claustrophobia with makeup wipes all day long. Because of my little issue with products I can feel sitting on my skin, I always opt for lightweight formulas, no matter if they have a full coverage or a little tint.

So you can see why I was immediately drawn to MAC’s new #NextToNothing collection. I mean, the collection's name itself hints to being barely-there! The line features a liquid "face colour" ($31; and a creamy face powder ($27;, both of which are touted to give your skin luminosity and feel like, well, you have nothing on your skin at all.

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The liquid face colour was of the most interest to me, considering I usually wear liquid foundation and layer creamy blush, highlighter, or bronzer on top. It can be worn under your makeup to boost your glow, or worn on its own to give you the teeniest, tiniest bit of coverage. Thanks to opalescent microspheres, you get radiance without any of the weight. I decided to test it out alone by applying it with a damp beautyblender ($20;, and it melted into my skin in seconds and lightly covered up any discoloration or redness I had on my cheeks. It also left my skin feeling moisturized and dewy, rather than dry, sticky, or too heavy.

It's not the best option if you're looking for a lot of coverage, but if you're looking for the subtlest tint to even out your tone, this is, in my opinion, the closest you'll get to feeling like you're not wearing makeup while still achieving the glowy goal.