M·A·C Is Introducing 24 New Lipstick Shades Into the World

Mac Lipstick Lead
Photo: Courtesy MAC

The world of lipstick shades is a big one. Just think about how many different “pink” lipsticks are in your current collection. And we all know there is a huge difference between a red-orange lipstick and a crimson one. Swipe ‘em on, compare, and you’ll see.

And with collections as large as Urban Decay Vice (100 shades, FYI!), you might have thought, “Yep, they’ve hit every color.” Well, leave it to M·A·C to completely revamp the beauty world AGAIN, because they are launching a line with 24 brand new colors using what they call "High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments.” *Strokes imaginary beard in interest.*

Mac Lipstick Embed
Courtesy MAC

For this release—which is called Liptensity Lipstick and includes colors like black, a blue-grey, plum pink, deep rose brown, and much more—the brand collaborated with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg, a pro who is able to see 100 million hues that the average naked eye can’t.

IDK about you, but we kinda want them all. In particular, we'd like to test out Double Fudge, a highly pigmented dark brown. ‘90s for the win, are we right?

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