MAC Wants You to Have Every Matte Lipstick Color Imaginable

Electric orange? Lime green? Got you covered. 

Mac Lipstick - Lead 2017
Photo: Courtesy

You want the colors of the rainbow in a lipstick collection? It’s 2017… that’s a piece of cake. But upping the ante on makeup offerings, as per usual, MAC Cosmetics is making sure you can get all the hues you could possibly want in a matte finish with a brand new lippie line.

Appropriately named MAC ColourRocker, this collection consists of 28 different matte lipsticks in basically every shade you’d ever want, from an electrifying orange to a lime green to an eye-catching teal. Of course, there’s some tamer skews in there, too—a bubblegum pink and a bright crisp fuchsia.

Mac Lipstick - Embed 2017

And in true MAC fashion, the shades, which will each retail for $17, have fun, imaginative names. The sky blue? Jean Genie. The army green? Night Mint. The lime green we mentioned earlier? Into the Madness. Finally, our current favorite? That'll definitely be the electric orange, which was given the moniker Darling Clementine—and oh, is it darling indeed.

The collection officially drops January 26th online and in-stores and will be available for purchase until March 9th. After that? We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to score the same forest green from the beauty giant.

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