Saweetie and Cher Teamed Up With MAC Cosmetics to Put Their Favorite Beauty Products to the Test

And we sat down with Saweetie to find out what it was like to work with music icon Cher.

MAC x Saweetie Interview
Photo: Courtesy/MAC x Saweetie

Saweetie loves a good challenge. The rapper has already copped two Grammy nominations, grossed millions of fans, released several chart-topping hits, plus scored some pretty sweet brand partnerships. And the high praise and accolades are all thanks to her dedication to her craft and the ability to face obstacles and constantly rise to the occasion.

So it's really no surprise that when looking for someone who is unapologetically themselves and takes difficulties in stride, MAC Cosmetics called on the 28-year-old artist to be the face of their new Challenge Accepted campaign — along with a music and fashion icon Cher.

"It just lets me know that whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it right because the fact that MAC thought of me to be a part of a campaign that is so iconic just means a lot to me," Saweetie shared with InStyle over the phone. "So I'm just really grateful, and to share a screen with Cher was so fun. She's also just full of so much wisdom."

So what exactly does the makeup giant's new Challenge Accepted campaign entail? Well, on Jan. 4, the brand is asking consumers to put their products to the test against sweat, water, heat, cold temperatures, bad weather — really anything. They promise that their highly pigmented, quality, transfer-resistant, and waterproof formulas will last against all the elements (natural or man-made) all day long. Then they want you to head to social media and share a photo of your flawless makeup with the hashtag #MACChallengeAccepted.

While Saweetie said Cher imparted many tokens of insight during the campaign, one particular sentiment spoke to the humble rapper, who during our call, credited her team — three or four separate times.

"Having a good team around you is really important," she says, per Cher's advice. "She stressed the importance of your team believing in you because in order to do all these great things you have to have a great team behind you that's willing to dedicate their time, willing to help, and willing to get you where you need to go. The notoriety is cool and the money is great, but honestly what's better is a team who is there with you. Because this lifestyle and this workload is a lot. It's a lot on your body, your mental, your spirit. It's a lot on everything."

MAC x Saweetie Interview
Courtesy/MAC x Saweetie

She continues, "I am the CEO of my company, and I have people who work with me — I don't like to say 'work for' me because I work with them — and make me great everyday." Her advice for overcoming varying or clashing personalities? Asking questions.

"It's only difficult if you don't ask questions," she says. "But if you ask questions, everything becomes so smooth and seamless."

As a prominent face in the beauty industry, MAC has shown their customers over the years that they have always embraced difficulties, as well as pushed and defied social boundaries. So when choosing the stars of their latest campaign, the brand knew they had to pick people who reflected those ideals.

"It was obvious that we needed an icon and a legend," said Drew Elliott, senior vice president of global creative director of MAC Cosmetics, in a press release. "M·A·C products are built for stars on stage or off, everyday and all day. We could not be happier to have Cher and Saweetie put our formulas to the ultimate test, let's see if you have what it takes."

MAC x Saweetie Interview
Courtesy/MAC x Saweetie

Saweetie certainly isn't afraid of taking risks and making bold statements, whether it's her music or beauty choices. In fact, Saweetie just buzzed off all her hair to start a "healthy hair journey." She shared the daring and sexy new look with a celebratory Instagram post.

"I'm tired of my dead hair, my dead ends," she told us. "I'm ready to get my curls back."

She also tells us that she's starting to branch out with her makeup choices and pick some unusual looks for herself. But she wants women to do this without needing an excuse or occasion.

"You shouldn't have to wait for a date or a festival or an event," she says. "Just go ahead and throw that on, girl!"

In what we're quickly learning to be typical Saweetie fashion, she takes the assignment and then raises the stakes by saying that she wants to be known not just for her smash songs at the top of your Spotify but for the way she has helped others in the process.

"I'm grateful for the acknowledgement but I also have to accept the challenge of responsibility that comes with it," she say. "Women are not just iconic because they make good music. They are iconic because they [have] helped and inspired people; they're leaders. That's my challenge — challenge accepted."

Now MAC is calling all their loyal customers to put their favorite products to the test, too.

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