Credit: nettart/Instagram

You might be happily embracing your inner basic bitch right now with a mimosa and a hearty slice of avocado toast, but MAC Cosmetics wants you to take it one step further. The beauty brand is currently testing what is literally their greatest creation ever—a Basic Bitch palette.

Pause that episode of the Bachelor and listen up. A MAC senior artist shared a picture of shadow palette while backstage at Milan Fashion Week, and naturally the Internet cannot even deal.

It appears like the product consists of several different neutral and jewel-toned shades in multiple matte and metallic finishes, perfect for ladies night or a casual brunch situation, obviously. And in true MAC fashion, the name of each shade couldn't be more perfect. We've got Shy Girl, Text Me Later, Gameplayer, Ms. Personality, Love This Bitch, Big White Lie, Me Me Me, Hell in Heels, and Tattle Tale.

Do you die?

Unfortunately since it's still in testing mode, there's no news on its pricing or when it'll launch, so in the meantime, you're going to have to stick to obsessively stalking MAC's Instagram, or snapping pictures of your latte art. We'll be doing the same.