Cuteness overload.
Mimi Makeup Bag lead
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Little kids and makeup tend to be a chaotic and funny mix, just ask the toddler who tried to eat her aunt's Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (we feel ya, girl). But this viral video of a little boy who refuses to admit he spent play time in his sister's makeup stash is too much for our hearts to take.

Yahoo Beauty alerted us to adorable three-year-old Hux who is smeared in red lipstick and mascara when caught red-handed (literally) by his mother, yet he just won't admit he's the culprit in a video taken by the amused mama. In fact, he's so insistent that he had nothing to do with the colorful additions to his face and body that he actually tries to blame it on big sis herself, but clearly mom isn't buying it.

In fact, at one point if she asked him if his sister has magical powers to make the cosmetics appear on him.

Hux is so adorable we're guessing he wasn't really in hot water for the impromptu makeup sesh, which his mom told the Daily Mail he does all of the time.

Remember this face, folks, we could be looking at the future's next great makeup artist.