Credit: Lisa Frank/Facebook

Lisa Frank and her rainbow wild cats and dolphins have never not been cool, but over the last few months, it seems like the world has been especially nostalgic over the artist’s neon ‘90s sketches. We’ve seen a hair dye trend inspired by the art and more makeup tutorials than we can count. They were all impressive and had us digging up our third grade binders. And the movement is far from over because it looks like there might be an actual Lisa Frank makeup collaboration in the works.

Glamour Dolls Makeup, an indie vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a six-piece, limited-edition collection of Lisa Frank beauty products with original art from the Lisa Frank. Oh, and each product will only cost $5.

They're hoping to create a lip balm, a matte mousse, liquid liner, a unicorn lip gloss, highlighting powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag. So if you're currently using your old LF alien pencil case to hold your lipstick, you'll hopefully have other options soon.

Credit: Courtesy

After the brand created a Lisa Frank blush brush, complete with pink bristles and a neon unicorn handle, they decided it would be a dream to produce even more '90s-inspired goods. Because it's a Kickstarter campaign, it's not going to happen unless they meet their $30,000 goal with help from fans by April 2017. But when fans pledge, they also get entered into an impressive rewards system. Based on how much cash to donate, the brand gives you the opportunity to vote on product names, pick shades, and free products.

VIDEO: Hot Hair Trend: Lisa Frank Hair

You can check out the campaign for more info. Trust us, Glamour Dolls broke down every detail you'd want to know and even included a Q&A with the artist herself.

Here's hoping for a leopard print purple lipstick.